Passionate about both building cloud solutions and writing; I write on Azure, Dynamics, Power Apps and consultant-life. Occasional musings on startups, leadership and tech trends. Follow me for a learner/practitioner’s journey.

Why a newsletter?

Two things:

  1. My passion and day job is to weave cloud solutions for our customers in a variety of industries using products and apps in the Microsoft tech stack, and

  2. I am imbued by the idea of 'Writing Regularly' by the likes of Seth Godin, David Perell etc.

I see this newsletter as an avenue to combine these two passions by sharing what I learn, play and experiment with. The weekly cadence is meant to help me (a) in learning more regularly and (b) to get clarity in my thoughts. Another reason to start this project is to help me achieve my goal for 2021; which is to build 'Architect' level expertise in Azure and expand my working experience to Dynamics FinOps and Dynamics BC too (in addition to Dynamics Field, Customer Services and Sales - on which I usually work 🤓).

Why subscribe?

✅ You get access to a practitioner's and learner's guide which is more practical and includes tips, hacks and antipatterns. It is also recent as I am sharing my learnings as I go

✅ Reading time of each post (posted every weekday) is 5-10 minutes

✅ It is relevant to your current and future projects/consultancy work as my learnings are focused on Azure, Power Apps and Dynamics 365, and if you are working in the same area, you will come across a similar set of scenarios and challenges